Public consultation

We provide bespoke, integrated public consultation strategies ensuring you consult with even the most hard-to-reach groups.

We have dedicated in-house design, digital and production teams that are able to deliver effective print, digital and social media strategies that enable our clients to drive and manage the consultation process online.

Digital and social media have transformed the consultation process and continue to change the way we engage with local communities and the public. Our comprehensive approach to digital strategy planning and implementation across web platforms and social media helps identify, reach and engage with all relevant audience groups. By leveraging the immediacy and high-reach capability of online channels we are able to quickly and effectively identify and classify trends, opinions and movements, then distribute messaging or creatively crafted content to counter misinformation or identify and recognise advocates to enable our clients to mobilise support.

Our strategies ensure your consultations are inclusive and demonstrate visibility, accessibility, transparency and disclosure around the publication of consultation information.

We are experienced in delivering DCO approved consultations and those that adhere to a Local Authority’s Statement of Community Involvement. We are also ISO9001 and The Consultation Institute compliant.

Our work