Pets make a home

ClientTaylor Wimpey


One of the UK’s largest residential builders, Taylor Wimpey, wanted to raise awareness of its social media presence and lead the way in the sector. As part of their strategic approach to social media their objective was to introduce the brand to new audiences and drive engagement across their social profiles in a cost-effective way.

Key project information

The campaign needed to:

  • Increase the number of likes and followers
  • Help to change the “story” being told on Taylor Wimpey’s Facebook page from one of dealing with customer complaints to one of fun, playful interaction with its audience
  • Drive traffic to the Taylor Wimpey website and collect data for future customer marketing.

How we assisted

Launched to run alongside National Pets Month, we created a comprehensive social media plan across 10 channels including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that was easy to participate in, and which played on the nation’s love for our pets.

The public were encouraged to share photos of their pets, along with their contact data, via  a Facebook app, Twitter or Instagram to enter a competition to find the UK’s most ‘at home’ pet. They were then prompted to share their entry via social media to encourage friends and family to vote for them.

The campaign was promoted through sponsored posts, offline in development sales offices, supported with articles in specialist pets-based media and via e-shots to Taylor Wimpey’s database.

Daily prizes were awarded as well as a grand prize to keep people coming back day after day to the Facebook page. To ensure Taylor Wimpey’s core messages were not lost, a content calendar of non-competition specific content was shared throughout the campaign.


The result was big: The campaign achieved a staggering 9,500 uploaded photos, 163,000 votes and 9,500 comments. Facebook likes grew from 4,000 to 5,300, Twitter followers increased by over 1,000 and website traffic increased by 36%.