National corporate reputation and issues

ClientLinden Homes


Linden Homes is a top 10 UK housebuilder, delivering just over 3000 completions annualy, with an ambitious strategy to deliver 5000 homes per annum by 2021. Offering product that appeas to first time and family buyers Linden has traditionally delivered in the South and South East of the country, but recent acquisitions and organic growth have extended the opportunity in the North of the UK. As part of Galliford Try PLC, which also owns construction and regeneration partnership businesses, Linden’s growth is an important pillar of the listed company’s growth strategy.

Key project information

Linden Homes strategy is to punch above its weight amongst its housebuilder peers to ensure its reputation and standing help attract buyers, business partners, and talented employees. At the same time a proactive approach to issues management is required to manage instances that arise related to both specific housing developments, or the wider industry agenda.

How we assisted

We provide a national press office service for Linden Homes that works in partnership with the in-house team to protect and promote Linden’s reputation. Our protection remit encompasses scanning of media and other stakeholder commentary for potential issues, and re-butting and dealing with any critical stories or journalist enquiries that arise. Our promotional work ensures Linden has the opportunity to contribute, where appropriate, to stories and features on industry issues, or regional trends. Another strand of activity is to establish partnerships and alliances that demonstrate Linden’s approach to business, for example sponsorship of the Women in Property group.


Linden features alongside the largest house-builders as a qualified and relevant commentator on key topics of its choice. Our work to manage its reputation through rapid response to emerging issues protects the brand, which is particularly important for successful sales outcomes.