Lombard Wharf

ClientBarratt London


We were appointed to undertake pre-application consultation to seek the views of political and community stakeholders prior to submission of the planning application.

Key project information

The Lombard Wharf site is located on the southern bank of the River Thames between Battersea and Clapham, in the London Borough of Wandsworth. The project developed by Barratt London aimed to design a unique and innovative building with an elegant and iconic presence, providing:

  • 135 apartments
  • 618 sq.m of commercial space
  • Improved pathways along Lombard Road and the River Thames
  • A landing point for the Jubilee pedestrian footbridge

How we assisted

Consultation focused on meetings with key political and community stakeholders, with a public exhibition to inform the wider community about Barratt London’s proposed scheme and provide an opportunity for interested parties and individuals to comment on the proposals.


On 21st May 2015, Wandsworth Council approved a resolution to grant planning permission to redevelop 12–14 Lombard Road.