Landmark Place

ClientBarrat London
LocationCity of London


Located on the northern bank of the River Thames next to the Tower of London, Landmark Place is a new site currently being developed by Barratt London.

The proposals comprise 165 units along the riverbank, as well as improvements to the existing pier and public realm.

Key project information

The site presented unique challenges in managing the number and variety of stakeholders with an interest in the site, including: the City of London, the Port of London Authority, the Tower of London, heritage groups, various local businesses and neighbouring residents.

Due to its location within the original old Roman settlement, the site also featured important archaeological finds, including original wooden piers and landing points from the Roman period, as well as sections of walls and various artifacts.

How we assisted

We were appointed by Barratt London to help engage the local community and residents.

In conjunction with Barratt London and Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) we organised a series of events to help showcase to the wider public the various archaeological discoveries being unearthed at the site.

The events were successful in attracting various members of the local community to engage with the site and the team, who would otherwise not have been able to see the excavation or the artifacts within their original contexts.


becg continues to provide regular engagement with residents, through quarterly newsletters as well as construction liaison meetings, in order to discuss and manage any issues that may result from construction activity.