Case Study Video

ClientBarker-Mill Foundation


Set up by the Barker-Mill family, The Barker-Mill Foundation, provides support to those seeking funding in and around areas where the Barker-Mill family has owned land for generations. Since 1995 the Barker-Mill Foundation has donated well in excess of £3 million to local charities, schools, organisations and individuals needing support. The Barker-Mill Foundation was keen to raise awareness of the great work delivered by the foundation and in particular the funding for some smaller projects that they were really proud to be able to support.

Key project information

  • This was the first in a series of films created to showcase funding for community projects
  • The film celebrates the broad variety of charities and organisations that Barker-Mill Foundation support and showcased the impact that some of the smaller donations they make have impacted the local community
  • Video provided an emotive way to tell each organisations story and provide content that could easily be shared all stakeholder organisations online channels to give a greater reach.

How we assisted

We were commissioned to create a video that explored the contribution made by the Barker-Mill Foundation to the local art and health communities. The film explores the exciting opportunities now possible for both the Nuffield theatre and the new arts complex, thanks to the donation made by the Barker-Mill Foundation. The film bought together five very different organisations and highlighted the one common belief that binds them together – a little goes a long way.


A single script was developed based on shared values. The story was narrated by spokespeople from each organisation and blended together to create a flowing narrative. Each storyline ended with a hero shot of the narrator repeating the same message – a little goes a long way – to reinforce the importance of the funding to each organisation.