Brand video

ClientOrdnance Survey (OS)


We were briefed to create an inspirational video to support the launch of the new OS brand identity. The video had to improve brand understanding by explaining to staff and business partners how and why the face of OS is changing to reflect its continuing evolution into a modern, fast-moving information business that is about more than paper maps.

Key project information

The video had to highlight OS’s new digital focus while simultaneously reminding viewers of its founding heritage and experience: a combination highly relevant to the ongoing challenges of day-to-day living and business.

How we assisted 

We created a film that featured a presenter walking through time, using significant snapshots of the past to tell the 224-year story of OS, from early origins to high-tech present.

The running theme of the OS logo was innovatively framed at each scene – on a book or a tea saucer, for instance – revealing both the pedigree and powerful development of the organisation though the centuries, to benefit the general public, government and commercial organisations.

Cinema lenses produced a lustrous style and a bespoke backing track was produced to build up the piece gradually and smoothly through the eras to inspirational effect.

With just four weeks to produce this project, the clock was ticking. Costumes and locations were carefully sourced and selected for accuracy as well as visual impact, and most of the extras used were OS employees, to create a truly OS film.



The film achieved the highest number of views of all OS’s YouTube videos in 2015 and was extremely well received internally.


Winner – Best rebranding exercise, CorpComms Awards 2015