Brand values video

ClientMcCarthy & Stone


McCarthy & Stone pride themselves on their brand values and how these are practiced at every level throughout the company, and through everything they do; from planning and construction through to creating communities for their residents.

To help demonstrate their PRIDE values we were commissioned to create a video that showed how the brand values are considered at every stage of a McCarthy & Stone development, and the positive impact this has for residents.

Key project information

  • This film was a key element of an internal company wide conference, to demonstrate McCarthy & Stone’s commitment to their PRIDE values.
  • The video needed to reinforce a sense of pride that working for McCarthy & Stone offers, show how the PRIDE values are making a real difference to residents and the business as a whole, and inspire existing and new employees.

How we assisted

The film focused on one of McCarthy & Stones newer developments and included a number of key roles involved in the development of the property, from concept through to completion.

We developed a creative style and storyboard that allowed us to show how the teams at McCarthy & Stone have pride in what they do and how they work together to plan, design and build developments that meet the needs of local residents. Soundbites from staff and residents living and working at the development were woven throughout the film to create a compelling narrative.


The emotive film captures the passion of the McCarthy & Stone team at every level and stage of a new development, along with the real impact that their homes have on residents who live on the development once it’s completed.

The result was an honest, heart-warming and inspirational film that really showed the true values held so dear by McCarthy & Stone and its people.