Annual review



ABP wanted an annual business review that stood out from the traditionally staid and corporate style of company reports. The aim was to raise awareness of its Keeping Britain Trading ethos and wide variety of activities – while also sharing information about company values, pride, people and clients.

Key project information

  • The audience was diverse: from senior government figures and local politicians to managing director-level executives of partner businesses and ABP port-side workers.
  • The theme – Keeping Britain Trading – needed to shine through.

How we assisted

We set out to create an authentically beautiful, coffee table style book that could rub shoulders with high-end publications. Its aim: to seduce the reader into picking it up and encouraging further exploration. The iconic front cover emphasised ABP’s mission statement: Keeping Britain Trading and the blend of style and significant bites of information sought to keep readers engaged.

Supported by a mix of modern and traditional typography to represent ABP’s own special chemistry of heritage and forward thinking, the publications unusual size, striking imagery and finish helped to embody ABP, grab the reader’s attention and make it memorable.


A total of 10,000 copies were produced, with the first being handed out at a special ABP Annual Review launch at the House of Commons. The recipients included the Chancellor, Transport Minister, Shipping Minister and Energy Minister, as well as Whitehall civil servants, particularly in transport and energy.