Against loneliness video

ClientMcCarthy & Stone


Emotion isn’t the first thing you associate with planning applications. Retirement home developers McCarthy & Stone work with council planning directors to build quality housing for the elderly. But council planners are under financial pressure like never before. Our Insight was that by focusing on the crisis of loneliness in the UK we could put the debate on an emotional level and highlight the role McCarthy & Stone play in solving the problem.


We produced an emotive film deliberately designed to pull on the heartstrings of council planners by asking the question – ‘what if that were my mother?’

The film shows an older woman watching her memories in a darkened room. It’s only at the end of the film that the audience realises that the old lady is not alone, and that the award winning developments from builders such as McCarthy & Stone are a way to solve a growing crisis of loneliness in the older generation.


80% of the test audience cried when watching the film. 90% of the audience said it made them think of their parents.reassures customers they’re getting the cost-effective service they need to thrive in an ultra competitive business.